Submissions to present academic papers are now being accepted for the 11th Annual Harry Potter Academic Conference (October 21-22, 2022). College students, graduate students, faculty, and community members are invited to submit abstract-style proposals. (High School students are invited to submit their full papers, following the guidelines below, to be considered for the special High School Student conference section.) Proposals will be reviewed on a rolling basis with a final deadline of September 16th. Should you need to make travel plans for attending the conference, we suggest submitting your proposal early for a timely response.  

General Guidelines (Non High School) for Submitting to the Harry Potter Academic Conference

HPAC is an interdisciplinary conference, soliciting a wide range of proposals. We accept literary analyses of the text or films, as well as studies concerning the general Harry Potter cultural phenomenon, including how Harry Potter relates to the traditional academic disciplines. Please see the earlier conference programs for examples of presentations. Presentations can be made in a variety of formats: reading a paper, presenting from a PowerPoint, or a combination of both. The standard format is a twenty minute presentation with additional time for questions, though the submission form allows for unique proposals that do not follow this format. Presenters are asked to supply their information along with the title and abstract of their proposed presentation. High School Students are asked to NOT supply an abstract, but rather upload a full copy of your paper for review.

High School Guidelines for Submitting to the Harry Potter Academic Conference

High school students are encouraged to submit papers to the High School Section of the Harry Potter Conference. The conference welcomes papers which address almost every aspect of the Harry Potter series, however past papers have focused on analyses of characters/themes in the Harry Potter series, or a discussion of how the Harry Potter series extends into an academic discipline. Please see the Awards section of the conference website for example titles from past conference papers.

If your paper is accepted for the conference, you will be invited to read your paper at the High School conference section.

High School Papers must comply with the following guidelines:

Length: 2-5 pages, 12 pt Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins (not including personal information provided), submitted as a Word document or a pdf through the form submission link.

Include at the beginning of your essay: your full name and address, a contact phone number for a parent/guardian, your email address, your High School name and location, your current class year (i.e. sophomore, senior), and your availability to present at the High School conference section on Saturday.

Sallie Smith
100 Scholar Lane, Erdenheim PA 19038
(888) 888-8888
High School: Hogwarts Academy High School (junior)

Link for Proposal Submission: