1. What are the Griffin Room and the Raven Room on the Conference Schedule? 

Normal "face-to-face" conferences utilize more than one physical space. Conference attendees must make the decision to attend talks in one room or another ... or occasionally run between the two! The 2020 Conference utilizes two separate Zoom "rooms," which we are calling the Griffin Room and the Raven Room. You can choose to participate in the same room for a full conference section or move between the two rooms to view different talks. 

2. How is this Online Conference Going to Work?

All registered conference attendees will receive two emails from Zoom, one inviting you to the Griffin Room and one inviting you to the Raven Room. (Note: you will receive these emails at the email address you used to register for the conference on ticketleap.com). Each email provides a unique Zoom link that is based on your email address. To join each Room, simply click the Zoom link. You will be prompted to log into to Zoom using your registered email address or to set up a basic (free) Zoom account. Want to switch Rooms? Just close your Zoom window and click the link to the other Room! 

3. Will I be able to participate in the conference and ask questions of the presenters? 

Absolutely! The Conference Rooms are set up as Zoom Webinars. As attendees, you'll have access to a written Chat and a QandA. We encourage you to use the chat during the presentations for general comments (applause! well said! boom!) and the QandA for specific questions. The Moderator and Presenter will have access to the QandA questions and will answer them following the presentation. 

4. Why are some talks designated as "LIVE"? 

These are longer talks and conference panels that are being presented live. Regular, 20 minute conference presentations have been pre-recorded to keep technical issues to a minimum. Don't worry, though, all presenters are live for Questions and Answers.  

5. Will conference presentations be recorded and made public later? 

Not necessarily. Some presenters are in the process of publishing their research, so they request that their talks not be made public. We encourage you to attend the conference in real time, as this may be the only chance to hear these cutting-edge presentations.