Chestnut Hill College was pleased to offer one $15,000 CHC scholarship, two $12,000 CHC scholarships, one $12,000 CHC scholarship for creativity & originality, and nine $10,000 CHC scholarships to the students who submitted the winning essays at the 2016 Harry Potter Conference (High School Student Section). This scholarship is only applicable to Chestnut Hill College School of Undergraduate Studies. This award is contingent upon the student's application and acceptance to Chestnut Hill College.

2016 Harry Potter Conference Scholarship Awards to Chestnut Hill College:

1) ($15,000) Phoebe Barr, The Episcopal Academy

    "Role Models in the Harry Potter Series"

2) ($12,000) Amaris Manning, Parkway Center High School

     "The Ideal Theme of the Harry Potter Series"

3) ($12,000) Anastasia Rakowsky, Schuylkill Haven Area High School

     "The Undercurrent Theme of Parental Estrangement in the Harry Potter Series"

4) ($12,000 Most Creative) Quinn Norris, Academy of Notre Dame de Namur

     "Dumbledore: An Examination of Ethics"

5) ($10,000) Erin Sutton-Beals, Great Valley High School

     "Harry Potter: Over-Analyzing or Understanding?"

6) ($10,000) Alyson Holder, Hudson Catholic High School

     "An Analysis of Luna Lovegood"

7) ($10,000) Elise Sperry, Waterford High School

     "Corruption in the Ministry of Magic in the Harry Potter Book Series and How it Relates to Political Science"

8) ($10,000) Madeline Church, Homeschooled Student

     "The Multidimensional Nature of Petunia Dursley"

9) ($10,000) Emelyn Auad, St. Agnes Academic High School

     "Ginny Weasley: From Vexing to Valiant"

10) ($10,000) Kat Mokrynski, Mount St. Joseph Academy

     "The House of Hamilton"

11) ($10,000) Celina Anne Smith, Sacramento Waldorf School

     "Hermione Granger and the Realism of Flaws: An Analysis of What Makes Hermione a Strong Character"

12) ($10,000) Megan Sullivan, Robinson Secondary School

     "'It's Me, I'm Incredibly Famous' - Ron Weasley and his Inferiority Complex"

13) ($10,000) Olivia Cipperman, The Episcopal Academy

     "An Analysis of Ginny Weasley"

2015 Harry Potter Conference Scholarship Awards to Chestnut Hill College:

1) ($15,000) Isobel Grogan, Mount St. Joseph Academy
    "A Little Learning is a Dangerous Thing: Restrictions, Censorship and 'Drinking Deeply' in the Hogwarts Library"
2) ($10,000) Nam Do, Church Farm School
    "The Importance of Maternal Affection on Voldemort, Harry Potter and Other Characters in the Wizarding World"
3) ($10,000) Teagan Reinert, Haddon Township High School
    "Dorms in the Dungeon: Bias in Harry Potter"

2014 Harry Potter Conference Scholarship Awards to Chestnut Hill College:

1) ($10,000) Rieve Bule, Grade 12, Devon Preparatory School
‚Äč     "Of Rats and Men: An Analysis of Peter Pettigrew"
2) ($10,000) Merry Gu, Grade 10, Academy of Notre Dame in Villanova
    "Nightmares and Darkness: An Examination of the Origins of Thestrals"